Pacolet River Passage Gateway

The Pacolet River Passage Gateway Project is located on the south bank of the Pacolet River in the Town of Pacolet at the intersection of SC Route 150 and Sunny Acres Road (SC 569). The project has two components:

  1. A park and recreational area along the south side of the Pacolet River on the Pacolet Mill site
    • An access road and improved parking facilities
    • New trails and walkways
    • River overlook areas
    • Swings and benches
    • Historic and cultural observation areas
    • Signage
    • Green spaces and landscaping
  2. Roadway and intersection improvements
    • Construction of a round-about at the intersection of SC Route 150 (Montgomery Avenue) and Sunny Acres Road (SC 569)
    • Reconstruction of approximately 0.28 miles of Sunny Acres Road from the Pacolet River Bridge south
    • Realignment of approximately 300 feet of SC Route 150 from the Pacolet River Bridge East
Pacolet 6-Mile Trail Loop Map
Map of Pacolet River Passage Improvements